Why we contribute

At Two Sigma, we use science and technology to tackle the world’s most complex problems.

We balance IP concerns with the drive to give back to the community – wherever possible, we believe in open sourcing the tools we’ve developed to help others discover value in the world’s data.

We’re committed to sustaining digital infrastructure for the public good – and that manifests in both building our own projects and building on the work of others. Part of rising to this challenge is partnering with other organizations that support the unseen labor maintaining a healthy open source ecosystem. We work closely with Mesosphere and Continuum, and recently became a Gold Sponsor of NumFOCUS. Our engineering teams have made major code contributions to projects we care about, including Jupyter, pandas, Apache Arrow, Apache Parquet, Bazel and Git.

This site features some of our favorite technologies and the projects we’re committed to.

One project we're passionate about

A few projects you should check out


Halite is our artificial intelligence programming challenge, organized annually around an original multi-agent game. The current competition runs through January 2019.

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Asset 115

Waiter is an on-demand, web service platform that launches, manages, and automatically scales services running on Mesos.

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Asset 160

Cook is our dynamic fair job scheduler on Mesos for batch workloads and Spark.

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Asset 1178

Flint is our project that provides time-series analysis in Spark

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Asset 139

Our project that helps you effectively manage many repositories with git submodules.

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Asset 1380

BeakerX is a collection of kernels and extensions to the Jupyter interactive computing environment. It provides JVM support, interactive plots, tables, forms, publishing, and more.

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Asset 111

Marbles is a Python unittest extension that allows test authors to write richer tests that expose more information on test failure.

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Asset 15

Webtau (WEB Test AUtomation) is a concise and expressive way to create REST API and Web UI tests with Groovy or Java DSL.

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Contributions we've made to the community

Apache Arrow

We have been helping drive the Arrow format design and the Python and C++ implementations.

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Apache Mesos

Our tech stack is built on Apache Mesos, and we are heavily involved in this community. Catch us at MesosCon each year.

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Apache Parquet

We have been contributing the C++ implementation parquet-cpp.

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Apache Spark

We depend on Apache Spark to scale our data-heavy analyses and we build tools on top of it (see our Flint project above). The Spark Summits each year are a calendar highlight.

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Our engineers have contributed experimental support for distributed caching and execution. This is an ongoing area of development in partnership with the Google team.

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TS has made major contributions to the notebook space with Beaker. Now, we’re collaborating with the Jupyter team to bring some of Beaker’s innovations to Jupyter.

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We are a Corporate Partner of NumFOCUS, a non-profit dedicated to supporting the open source scientific computing community.

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The creator of pandas and another core team member work in-house.

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ScratchJr enables children ages 5-7 to program their own interactive stories and games. Our team developed ScratchJr for Android devices.

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